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13 August 2020

In praise of beer

Literature | Charles “Charlie” Bamforth, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at UC Davies, California, like no other understands how to impart brewing knowledge in an instructive and entertaining way.

It doesn’t matter whether his readers are professionals or consumers interested in beer and brewing.

In his new book “In praise of Beer” the author takes the reader by the hand in 10 entertaining chapters and answers questions such as “What’s the key difference between an ale and a lager?” or “How can you judge the quality of a store bought beer before you buy it?”

In praise of Beer

Whatever beer novices or aficionados would like to know about beer and brewing, here are the answers – anything but dry.

Bamforth, C.: In praise of Beer, 2020, 184 pages, hardcover, Oxford University Press, New York, EUR 21,50

It can be ordered under product number 1624 at Fachverlag Hans Carl GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany, phone: +49-911-95285-31, email: or www.carllibri.com.