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BRAUWELT International 1-2021

EDITORIAL - Well-equipped for 2021

Pretty much everyone hoped that 2021 would start much better than 2020 ended. However, a little patience is still required of us. We had also looked forward to a “normal” Craft Brewers Conference in 2021 and had already begun preparations for the first issue of BRAUWELT International 2021, a large portion of which was to be dedicated to covering the CBC. We should not despair, though, since the trade fair has “only” been postponed. We are now planning the trade fair issue for BRAUWELT International no. 4 2021. Fortunately, everything has remained unaffected regarding the content of this issue, and we are able to present you with exciting new insights and developments in brewing practice.

A new pearl among hops – Japanese cultured pearls are called Akoya, and a new hop variety developed in the Hopsteiner breeding program now bears their name. This variety has exhibited resilience against drought stress brought about by climate change while also possessing a high resistance to disease. Analysis data for the variety and how it compared to the variety Perle during a tasting can be found on p. 19. The Gesellschaft für Hopfenforschung (the Society for Hop Research) has also introduced another variety. This aroma variety is called Diamant, which has revealed itself to be, like its namesake, the diamond, multi-faceted in its abundant virtues. Turn to p. 14 to read about this new hop and the results of the brewing trials conducted with it. The feedback of those, who have already had the pleasure of sampling it, has been quite positive.

The right yeast strain – Hops and yeast play a decisive role in beer aroma. Each is influential on its own, but this is also manifested in their blending as well, as our author discovered in her research on bottom-fermenting yeast in tandem with Cascade and Sorachi Ace hops. Certain compounds in the hops do not undergo spontaneous transformation during the brewing process but are instead changed by the individual yeasts themselves into distinct compounds during fermentation. And you can taste it, too. More details can be found on p. 34.

IT security – As progress is made in digitalization, the requirements for securing the process control system also grow. Updates have to be prepared well in advance, so that process control continues to run smoothly after their implementation. In order to equip Bell’s Brewery of Kalamazoo, Michigan, for the future, the software for the control system and server operating systems as well as the database architecture were updated in one fell swoop (p. 31).

BRAUWELT International Media Center – The BRAUWELT International team is also working tirelessly to optimize our products and services for you. Our popular picture galleries can now be found in our media library at www.brauwelt.com/en/media-ressources, which also includes videos, white papers and podcasts, such as those by Dr. Ina Verstl and Ernst Faltermeier. Don’t take our word for it. Have a look for yourself! We look forward to any comments or suggestions you might share because they help us to better meet your needs for information and insight into all aspects of the industry. Whether electronically or in print, we hope you enjoy reading the latest BRAUWELT International!

  • Lydia Junkersfeld