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BRAUWELT International 1-2020

EDITORIAL - Discover the new BRAUWELT!

What?! The new BRAUWELT? Don’t worry…we haven’t turned everything upside down. But we have expanded the way we circulate our publication. It is now available in ePaper format, so that you can read BRAUWELT International quickly and comfortably online. This also means that three times per month you will receive our free newsletter in which Dr. Ina Verstl keeps you informed of the latest news from the international brewing industry in her column “Liquid assets with Ina!” Furthermore, in another newsletter out now, we are introducing our readers to the new electronic format for BRAUWELT International (under epub.brauwelt.com or on the BRAUWELT app, available for download on various app stores). And although the format has changed, the content remains the same. A subscription still gets you technical articles from the wide world of brewing and beverage production and technology. Here are a few examples …

Completely underestimated – Have brewers entirely misjudged the role of arabinoxylan in the brewing process? Dr. Michael Kupetz of the TUM-Weihenstephan sees arabinoxylan, in addition to the beta-glucans in malt, as another important indicator for cytolytic modification. He has developed a new fractionation method for the analysis of arabinoxylan. The method enables targeted detection of this substance so that its role in foam stability and haze formation can be further investigated. More details can be found on p. 10.

Ferreted out – Beer-spoiling bacteria are difficult to find, especially when they are in a pure yeast culture. The authors at the Weihenstephan Research Center have been busy developing a method to detect these diminutive stowaways hitching a ride among yeast cells. The new method offers more rapid detection of beer spoilers with a greater degree of certitude than previous methods. Turn to p. 30 to find yourself “on the trail of beer-spoiling bacteria in yeast cultures”.

On the line – Every brewer is aware of the importance continuous quality control plays in producing excellent beer. If something is wrong, it has to be remedied quickly. Anton Paar of Austria has developed an automated laboratory module that measures key quality parameters directly on the filling line at the brewery. It reduces the number of rejected or out-of-specification products and lessens employee workload. We present this system on p. 41.

Spotless – Almost all the additives for use in bottle washers have been modified in recent years. The motivation behind these changes is manifold, whether it is to improve performance or reduce their environmental impact. However, we now find ourselves able to use a corresponding additive to remove each distinct type of soil. An overview of these additives and how they can best be utilized can be found on p. 46.

Whether you prefer it on a screen or on paper, we hope the time you spend with the new BRAUWELT will be engaging and fun.

  • Lydia Junkersfeld