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City skyline (Photo by Mihai Surdu on Unsplash)
29 April 2021

AB-InBev forced to dump millions of litres of beer

Belgium | AB-InBev, the world’s major brewer, in early April, had to dispose of millions of litres of beer into the River Meuse from its brewery in Jupille, near Liege.

The beer was brewed six months ago and packaged in kegs. Unfortunately, along came the lockdown of the hospitality sector, , which will not ease before 8 May, which means the beer will have expired by then.

In normal times, AB-InBev produces between 4000 and 5000 hl per day of keg beer at the Jupille brewery. At the moment, production is down by 40 percent because of the pandemic. Therefore, AB-InBev can only but destroy expired keg beer that is returned from closed bars and pubs.

Obviously, the operation adhered to the regulations on environmental safety, the brewery assured. AB-InBev has its own purification plant. “Once it has reached the appropriate environmental standards, the beer is discharged into the Meuse,” officials said.