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Sterile filtration combines microbiological stability with an aroma-friendly process
08 October 2020

Trial filter capsules for brewing industry

Parker Hannifin | Brewers are being given the opportunity to trial innovative sterile filtration technology. Parker Bioscience Filtration , Bielefeld, Germany, has introduced free trial capsules for its Bevpor BR range of filters, enabling breweries to undertake taste and visual quality trials, and test the effectiveness of this filtration method.

The initiative will help companies to explore alternative microbial stabilisation methods for pasteurization and analyse the impact of these new filters on their own beer products. It will also help them to compare them to any existing sterile filtration technology they may already have in place.

The new filters from Parker are used within automated Cold Stabilisation Module (CSM) products from Agidens Process Automation. The partnership of these two companies enables the global brewing industry to integrate microfiltration solutions with automated processing technology.

Sterile filtration solutions help to significantly reduce the costs of microbial stabilization while protecting the beer’s sensory appeal. They can be directly retrofitted into competitor brewery automation products which are commonly used in brewery cold stabilisation applications directly before bottling and kegging. A Polyethersulphone (PES) membrane helps to ensure a long service life and therefore high efficiency and low cost of operation in sterile filtration of beer applications. The filters are certified to European and US food contact requirements, provide absolute elimination of beer spoilage organisms and can easily be tested for integrity.