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02 April 2007

Master of Beer Styles & Evaluation Program

Still waiting for your beers to earn medals in major competitions like the Great American Beer Festival or the World Beer Cup? If your beers need that “little something extra” the Master of Beer Styles & Evaluation Programme (10 -13 April 2007) is the course to enrol in.

Over four days, participants will learn the how to technically evaluate and recreate an amazing range of ales, lagers and specialty beers from three of the most knowledgeable instructors in brewing.

The course will be held in Chicago.

Day one (10 April 2007) will train you in the techniques used by professional brewers to identify the aromas, flavours & other sensory characteristics of beer, and how to effectively control them in the brewing process. Instructor Lyn Kruger, President of Siebel Institute, will provide expert-level content and in-depth discussion throughout the presentation.

Following the Sensory Analysis session, the Master of Beer Styles course (11 – 13 April 2007) will be conducted by Ray Daniels and Randy Mosher, who will explore the history and evolution of beer throughout the globe. They will take students through tastings of several dozen beers that exemplify the highest standards of both Old World and New World styles. During these tastings, Ray and Randy will analyse and discuss the characteristics of each style and provide insight as to how these beers are created (as well as how they are best enjoyed, including suggested food pairings).

This programme will give participants many insights into creating distinctive and (hopefully also award-winning) beers.

For further information, visit www.siebelinstitute.com/course_desc/master_beer.html .