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11 January 2013

3rd Beer Sommelier World Championship

The 3rd Beer Sommelier World Championship of Doemens Academy will be held from September 14-15 2013 in Munich, Germany. The event is the perfect platform for beer sommeliers from around the world to test their skills, compare their knowledge of beer styles, brewing techniques, service methodology, pairing of food and beer and to meet colleagues.

The number of participants is limited to 50 beer sommeliers who have completed the beer sommelier training at Doemens Academy or are members of the Sommelier-Union. Their knowledge of beer & brewing is assessed through written exams, practical tasting sessions, and oral presentations regarding beer-related topics. After the first selection round, six contestants will be chosen to move into the finals where they will answer questions posed by a panel of experts in a public forum attended by sponsors, spectators and media representatives.

Competitors will be judged on overall knowledge of beer and brewing and on demonstrating presentation skills that exemplify the best of brewing culture. In the end, one worthy contestant will be granted the title World Champion Beer Sommelier.