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Sydney, Australia (Photo: Liam Pozz on Unsplash)
07 May 2020

Australian brewers CUB, Lion and Coopers help struggling pubs

Australia | Major brewers Lion and CUB each announced in April 2020 that they are donating resealable bottles to pubs across the country to assist pubs in selling draught beer in a takeaway format.

Each company has started giving venues across the country growlers (aka 946 ml aluminium cans) and resealable caps free of charge, to help them increase their trading options.

The website theshout.com.au reported that already 10,000 growlers and caps, and 500 dispensers have been delivered to hundreds of pubs across New South Wales.

Similarly, CUB has committed to donating 20,000 resealable bottles to over 100 pubs in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Both breweries have been assisting their on-premise partners since the venue shutdown was announced, with Lion offering credit for unused kegs. It has credited more than 4,000 customers nationally a total of AUD 23.5 million (USD 15 million) for over 85,000 unused and capped kegs, the website said.

Bringing local bars to sitting rooms

Coopers Brewery from Adelaide, which is far smaller than its two rivals with a market share of only 5 percent, is also supporting its pubs by encouraging the return of kegs for a refund, which will cost the brewery nearly AUD 4 million (USD 2.6 million).

Growlers are also available from many liquor stores, which have installed taps to sell draught beer. This is from a shop in Perth, Western Australia (Photo: I. Verstl)

What is more, it has launched an entertainment series called Live, Loud & Local on 24 April. Beamed live on the Facebook pages of pubs across Australia, it will run for an hour on Friday and Saturday nights, offering stuck-at-home customers entertainment from some of Australia’s leading comedians, musicians and chefs as well as spot prizes and giveaways.

The campaign is being coordinated through a central website (www.cooperslocal.com.au). On the opening night, the celebrity chef Shannon Bennett taught audiences how to make favourite pub meals at home.